Only PREMIUM Grade Pecans Freshly Harvested for 2017 -Only for a Limited Time
Buy direct from the farm. Moses Pecan Farm's premium pecans are from our most recent harvest. We suggest ordering in November and December during our yearly harvest before we sell out.
Pecans are Super Healthy Nuts
We are biased, but we think the pecan deserves the title of Super Nut! Pecans are naturally low in sodium, gluten free, cholesterol free, and highly rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The American Heart Association has labeled pecans as "heart-healthy" and studies have found that pecans contain more antioxidants than any other nut.

Pecans (specifically the rich oils) contain good monounsaturated fats and is very low in saturated fats. Approximately 9.5% of fatty acids in pecans are saturated- that's lower than most cooking oils you use in your home like peanut oil (17%) and olive oil (13.5%). Pecans can contribute to the reduction of bad cholesterol and help in the fight against heart disease.

Pecans aren't just for desserts. Add them to salads, stir fries, stuffings, and in place of breadcrumbs. Use pecan meal as a gluten free alternative to add depth of flavor and texture to your G-free flour mixes.




Our premium pecans are loaded with flavor, quality, and freshness. Each variety differs with subtle variations in texture, sweetness, oil content, and overall appearance. If you aren't sure which suits your needs, you can't go wrong with the Wichita or Cheyenne varieties, our two most popular nuts.


Wichita have a paper thin shell, excellent oil content, and rich flavor. Highly prized amongst pecan connoisseurs , we know you will love this classic pecan variety.

CHEYENNE (Papershell)

These are our most popular pecans. The Cheyenne have smaller, light colored halves surrounded by a thin shell that makes them easier to crack. The Cheyenne has a high oil content, sweet flavor, and provides that perfect bite for those who prefer a more moist, oily nut.

GRATEX (Papershell)

Gratex pecans are BIG in size and BIG in flavor. A Texas favorite, it is conditioned only to certain areas of the state, and we have them! This oversized pecan has excellent flavor and makes a great snacking pecan or placed in your favorite recipe.

MOHAWK (Papershell)

Another of the papershell varieties, the Mohawk pecan is a favorite "eating and snacking" nut. It is a large, elongated nut with a rich, tasty kernel. Limited supply for the 2014 harvest.


Kiowa Pecans create large halves and a noticeably thicker shell. Of all our varieties, the Kiowa have the least oil content, so the texture is drier and crisper. They have a distinct, subtle sweet flavor that many treasure. Many people love the Kiowa for baking and for glazed or seasoned pecan halves.